Tech Morning Highlights

Most useful shortcut keys for Windows, MS Office, Facebook and VLC Player

windows shortcut keysShortcuts make our life easy. Especially if you are using computer too much and do not about shortcut keys means you are wasting a lot of your valuable time. If you are using Windows OS, there are a number of short-cut keys - VLC player can be played on your fingertips …. Let us know what they actually are.

How to make your twitter account a big hit?

TwitterNot only celebrities … even common people are using Twitter … making rounds with updates. You cannot afford to be left behind … make buzz with extra attractions. For it, these are the tracks for you!

Twitter posting means just posting only 140 letters … broad ideas to be condensed – it is a misnomer to think so about it. Twitter can be hit with some special add-ons. Boundaries of innumerable web services can be erased. It is not that difficult exertion. Let us know in details how to do it!

What to do to improve your cell phone battery back up?

Phone … Tab … Lappie … whatever may be the device, it is essential to have backup! To save the charge … there are some simple techniques which lasts your battery backup for long time.

Enticed with the stunning graphics, are you setting your mobile screen with more brightness? Keeping the network services in ‘ON’ position, even when there is no need for its use? Are apps running uselessly?  Such mistakes empty the charge of the gadgets and make them weak. Just with a few tips, you can install free apps and monitor charging. Also, using an attached electronic tool, battery charge can be efficiently used. Let us know about them!

Tips to improve battery backup for a cell phone

Canon EOS100D - The Tiniest Camera

Canon EOS100D CameraPresently, the tiniest and lightest DSLR Camera in the entire world is making appealing rounds in the market. It is EOS100D, manufactured by Cannon. It is designed with APS-C size sensor. Photos can be taken with a fine 18 mega pixel resolution. It contains DIGIC (Digital Imaging Core) 5 image processor. Video can be shot with 4 fps shooting speed. It has built-in flash. It works with 5 point autofocus system. Display is set with 3 inches touch-screen. Control buttons are similar to the other DSLR cameras. Autofocus gets activated when HD videos are shot. Price around Rs.48, 995. For more details, log on to

Lenovo IdeaPadLynx K3011 - Two-in-one Laptop

Lenovo Company is making available a novel device for using it either as Tablet or as Lappie. It is IdeaPadLynx K3011! IdeaPad works with Microsoft Windows 8. Whenever it is intended to be used as Tablet, just set aside the keyboard. Its weight, inclusive of keyboard, is just 1.3 kgs and without keyboard 667 grams. Touch screen area is 11.6 inches. Its resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels. 1.8 GHz duel core built-in processor is used in it. Its Ram is 2 GB. For internal memory, 64 GB Flash Memory is used. Once charged, if Tab only, can be used for 8 hours and if keyboard is connected, it can be used for another 8 hours. Facilities with 2 mega pixel Camera, Micro HDMI, duel speaker are available. Price approximately Rs.51, 990. For more details, log on to